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Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 PCI-E x16 (1GB GDDR3 512-bits, 2x DVI-I DL, DX10)

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 285

PCI-E x16 (1GB GDDR3 512-bits, 2x DVI-I DL, DX10)

  • Refurbished product
  • 1GB werkgeheugen
  • Volledige Hoogte kaart
  • PCI-Express x16 interface
  • GDDR3 uitvoering
  • Maximaal 2 beeldschermen
  • Garantie: 1 jaar

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  • Garantie: 1 jaar

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Gebruikt, maar in perfecte staat. Wordt bulk in antistatische verpakking geleverd. Deze videokaart gebruikt 2x 6-pins PCI-e voedingsaansluitingen en is twee uitbreidingsslots breed.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 Video Card
Take your DirectX® 10 gaming beyond HD, with the power of GeForce GTX 285 GPUs. Place yourself in the center of the action and experience true DirectX 10 gaming cinema in extreme HD (2560x1600) resolutions—all enabled by GeForce 200 Series’ second generation unified architecture, NVIDIA® SLI® technology, and incredible performance in the latest games including Far Cry 2, Mirrors Edge, and Call of Duty 5: World at War. With up to 50% more performance than prior generation GPUs, GeForce GTX 285 GPUs tear through complex DirectX 10 environments and cinematic effects at blazing frame rates in extreme HD resolutions.

Experience Graphics Plus
The GeForce GTX 285 graphics card with CUDA technology not only provides a world-class gaming experience, it also delivers Graphics Plus. Experience jaw-dropping PhysX gaming effects, stereoscopic 3D, and lightning fast video and image processing all accelerated by the GPU. Whether it’s experiencing a new world of realistic physical motion and massively destructible environments, strapping on your NVIDIA® GeForce ® 3D Vision™ glasses to game in true stereoscopic 3D, transcoding HD videos in minutes to your portable video player, or rapidly editing digital images using Adobe® CS4, the GeForce GTX 285 graphics card does it all with mind blowing performance.

XFX GeForce GTX 285 GPU Features

  • 3-Way NVIDIA SLI® Technology
    Industry leading 3-way NVIDIA SLI technology offers amazing performance scaling by implementing AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering), under Windows Vista with solid, state-of-the-art drivers.
  • NVIDIA PhysX"! Technology
    Delivering physics in games is no easy task. It's an extremely compute-intensive environment based on a unique set of physics algorithms that require tremendous amounts of simultaneous mathematical and logical calculations.
  • NVIDIA CUDA"! Technology
    NVIDIA CUDA"! Technology is the world's only C language environment that provides access to processing power of NVIDIA GPUs. It enables developers to utilize NVIDIA GPUs to solve the most complex computation-intensive challenges such as oil and gas exploration, financial risk management, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research.
  • NVIDIA® Unified Architecture (Second Generation)
    Fully unified shader core dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shading operations, delivering up to 2x the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs.
  • Full Microsoft® DirectX® 10 Support
    World's first DirectX 10 GPU with full Shader Model 4.0 support delivers unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects.
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo"! HD Technology
    The combination of high-definition video decode acceleration and post-processing that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video. Feature requires supported video software. Features may vary by product.
  • Discrete, Programmable Video Processor
    NVIDIA PureVideo is a discrete programmable processing core in NVIDIA GPUs that provides superb picture quality and ultra-smooth movies with 100% offload of H.264 video decoding from the CPU and significantly reduced power consumption.
  • Hardware Decode Acceleration
    Provides ultra-smooth playback of H.264, VC-1, WMV and MPEG-2 HD and SD movies.
  • Dual Stream Hardware acceleration
    Supports picture-in picture content for the ultimate interactive Blu-ray and HD DVD movie experience.
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancement
    Provides post-processing and optimization of High Definition movies on a scene by scene basis for spectacular picture clarity.
  • HDCP Capable
    Designed to meet the output protection management (HDCP) and security specifications of the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats, allowing the playback of encrypted movie content on PCs when connected to HDCP-compliant displays.
  • Advanced Spatial-Temporal De-Interlacing
    Sharpens HD and standard definition interlaced content on progressive displays, delivering a crisp, clear picture that rivals high-end home-theater systems.
  • High-Quality Scaling
    Enlarges lower resolution movies and videos to HDTV resolutions, while maintaining a clear, clean image. Also provides downscaling of videos, including high-definition, while preserving image detail.
  • Inverse Telecine (3:2 and 2:2 Pulldown Correction)
    Recovers original film images from filmsconverted-to-video (DVDs, 1080i HD content), providing more accurate movie playback and superior picture quality.
  • Bad Edit Correction
    When videos are edited, the edits can disrupt the normal 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown cadence. PureVideo uses advanced processing techniques to detect poor edits, recover the original content, and display perfect picture detail frame after frame for smooth, natural looking video.
  • Noise Reduction
    Improves movie image quality by removing unwanted artifacts.
  • Edge Enhancement
    Sharpens movie images by providing higher contrast around lines and objects.
  • Integrated SD and HD TV Output
    World-class TV-out functionality via Composite, S-Video, Component or
    DVI connections. Supports resolutions up to 1080i/1080p, depending on connection type and TV capability.
  • OpenGL® 2.1 Optimizations and Support
    Ensures top-notch compatibility and performance for OpenGL applications.
  • Dual Dual-link DVI Support
    Able to drive the industry's largest and highest resolution flat-panel displays up to 2560x1600 and with support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).
  • Dual 400MHz RAMDACs
    Blazing-fast RAMDACs support dual QXGA displays with ultra-high, ergonomic refresh rates up to 2048x1536@85Hz.
  • Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista"!
    NVIDIA's fourth-generation GPU architecture built for Windows Vista gives users the best possible experience with the Windows Aero 3D graphical user interface, included in the new operating system (OS) from Microsoft.
  • PCI Express 2.0 Support
    Designed to run perfectly with the new PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture, offering a future-proofing bridge to tomorrow's most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications by maximizing the 5GT/s PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth (twice that of first generation PCI Express). PCI Express 2.0 products are fully backwards compatible with existing PCI Express motherboards for the broadest support.


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Aanvullende Informatie

Artikelnummer 20164416
Merk Nvidia
SKU fabrikant Geforce GTX 285
Conditie Refurbished
Videocontroller nVidia GeForce
Interface / verbinding PCI-Express x16
Videoaansluitingen 2x DVI-I (analoog+digitaal)
Aantal beeldschermen Maximaal 2
Geheugengrootte 1GB
Geheugentype GDDR3
Fysiek model Volledige Hoogte kaart
Alternatieve productnummers Door NVidia geproduceerd voor Dell, Dell P/N: 0D810P.