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HP 413107-001 ATI FireGL V7200 (256MB, 2x DVI-I + Stereo, PCI-e)

HP 413107-001

ATI FireGL V7200 (256MB, 2x DVI-I + Stereo, PCI-e)

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Gebruikt, maar uiteraard in perfecte staat. Wordt bulk in antistatische verpakking geleverd.

The ATI FireGL V7200 is a high-end professional 3D graphics card for workstation users that features 256 MB of high-speed video memory and multiple parallel geometry engines and shaders for high end modeling and visualization.
It is ideal for high-end workstation tasks featuring complex large models with very high polygon counts, working in real-time with multiple lighting and shading effects, or challenging high resolution visualizations, such as outputting to a large LCD or plasma display. It is also HD Component Video output-enabled.

The FireGL V7200 has a 512-bit Ring Bus memory controller and a Ring Bus data path. This bus is composed of two 256-bit internal rings each running in opposite directions. Two key features help cut memory latency and make the most of the high-speed GDDR3 memory - data only has to travel a maximum distance of half the ring before reaching its destination and the topology allows data, once requested, to travel around the ring without having to go back through the memory controller. It also features programmable intelligent arbitration logic that allows the memory controller to dynamically prioritize and route requests based on the current execution profile.

The graphics card comes equipped with ATI Avivo™ Technology, with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) 64-bit per pixel display capability. It can produce over one trillion colors for vibrant visual fidelity and enables rich real-time lighting and contrast effects with suitable application support.

Technische Specificaties

  • Videochip: FireGL V7200
  • Geheugen: 256MB GDDR3 met een 512-bit Ring-Bus geheugen-controller
  • Video uit: 2x DVI-I
  • Actieve koeling
  • Interface: PCI-e 16x
  • Volledig compatibel met OpenGL® 2.0 en hardware-ondersteuning voor Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0
  • Schaalbare ultra-threaded Shader Model 3.0 architectuur met snelle "dynamic branching" en "high performance parallel processing"
  • Acht parallele geometrie-engines en 16 pixel shader processors
  • 128-bits volledige floating point precisie
  • Quad buffered stereo 3D ondersteuning
  • Ondersteuning voor HDR renderen met 64-bits per pixel floating point
  • Videoprocessor met hoge prestaties die hardwareondersteuning biedt voor decoderen en transcoderen van video
  • OEM Part Numbers: 412832-001, ATI-102-A52006-21(B), 102A5201622


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Artikelnummer 20132521
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