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HP KG274AA 1GB Windows ReadyBoost® Flash Module


1GB Windows ReadyBoost® Flash Module

  • Refurbished product
  • Garantie: 1 jaar

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Gebruikt, maar in perfecte staat. Alternatief productnummer: 462851-001, 455971-001, 455930-001. Bulk geleverd inclusief aansluitkabel (455620-001).

Adding memory is the easiest way to boost system performance; and it's more cost effective than upgrading your processor. More RAM allows you to run more programs simultaneously and makes it easier to toggle between programs, without having to access the hard drive.

HP 1GB Windows ReadyBoost Flash Module introduces a new way to add memory to your HP Business Desktop. Designed to integrate with Windows ReadyBoost—a new technology built into Windows Vista that caches disk reads to a flash memory with read speeds up to 30 MB/s and write speeds up to 20 MB/s. This NAND flash memory device serves as an additional memory cache which the computer can access much more quickly than it can access data from a rotating hard drive.

The HP Flash Module works best with small blocks of random I/O’s, like paging files and other random, small amounts of data. It can physically serve up data significantly quicker than it would take for the hard drive just to locate it. Also, since the HP 1GB Windows ReadyBoost Flash Module never caches file writes (it only functions as a write-through cache), you never lose any data that is intended to be written to the hard drive.

When applications are preloaded into memory, they are also stored onto the HP 1GB Windows ReadyBoost Flash Module. Thus, if that preloaded application is pushed out of memory due to memory allocation requests from another application, the preloaded application can be retrieved from ReadyBoost Module instead of going back to the hard drive

HP’s 1GB Flash module provides significant increases in the throughput performance of Vista. An increase of up to 34% in application loading times can be achieved when the system is configured with 1GB of DDR2-667 memory and the HP 1GB Flash Module.

  • Improve system responsiveness and performance without having to add additional memory "under the hood."
  • Additional memory cache that the system can access much more quickly than accessing data on the hard drive
  • Allocate part or all of the non-volatile flash memory to speed up performance and use the remainder to store files.
  • Fully supported by Windows™ ReadyBoost© technology built into Windows
  • Reads at speeds up to 30 MB/s and writes at speeds up to 20 MB/s
  • Plug and play


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Artikelnummer 20136079
Merk HP
SKU fabrikant KG274AA
Conditie Refurbished
Flashgeheugengrootte 1GB
Soort product Geheugenkaart